Labor Governments are Failing Australian Producers.

Friday May 24, 2024 

Federal Member for Nicholls, Sam Birrell MP, says Labor’s confused policy settings are undermining critical and productive agricultural and food processing businesses.

 Mr Birrell said comments from Jason Fritch, CEO of Kagome Australia, that governments needed to act
before businesses have no choice but to move overseas should sound alarm bells for federal and state

“Kagome is Australia’s largest tomato processor, and having worked closely with Jason Fritch, I understand
fully the pressures they face due to failed energy policy,” Mr Birrell said.

“Businesses need the right tools in order to operate with confidence, and both the Federal and Victorian
Labor governments have created enormous uncertainty about the ability to secure cheap and reliable gas

Mr Birrell said the Albanese Labor government announced tens of billions of dollars to fund its greenfocused Future Made in Australia policy but has failed to respond to the challenges facing key industries
that already make things in Australia, including clean, healthy food.

“This isn’t just mixed messaging, it has real world impacts on businesses, communities and the productivity
of our region,” Mr Birrell said.

“The Victorian Labor Government’s ideological opposition to gas has been long-standing and has
contributed to the forecast of gas shortfalls and the Albanese government’s gas policy is all over the place.

“If manufacturers and processors leave Australia the economy is worse off but the emissions profile for the
planet doesn’t change.

“I agree with Kagome Australia that the clock is ticking. It is bad enough that Labor has driven up energy
costs for households by $1,000 but in Kagome’s case their energy bill has soared by $2 million.

“It is past time for Labor to support the businesses who make thing in Australia now and protect their