Climate Leadership and Jobs Summit

Wednesday, February 15th, 2023 

Member for Nicholls, Mr Sam Birrell MP, will bring business and community leaders together next week for a Climate Leadership and Jobs Summit

The two-day climate summit kicks off on Thursday February 23, and seeks to give leaders from across Nicholls the opportunity to come together, to learn, connect and make shared plans and strategies to ensure the region benefits as the world moves to a lower emissions economy.

“I’m determined to create relationships between energy experts and leaders in Nicholls to ensure jobs, profitability and productivity grow in our region long into the future,” Mr Birrell said.

“In my Maiden Speech I stated climate change was a key challenge facing Australia and I emphasised that the discussions need to be about how we act, not if we act.

“This summit will discuss the how, touching on new technologies and applications,” he said.

Hosted in Shepparton, the event will see 13 leading climate researchers, scientists, experts and community leaders speak and includes Dr Sarah Birrell Ivory – Director of the University of Edinburgh Centre for Business, Climate Change and Sustainability, Professor Mark Howden – Director, Climate Change Institute at Australian National University and Heidi Lee – CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions.

Guests will get in depth insights from speakers and will have two days to engage one-on-one to
ensure locals get the most out of experts’ time and questions don’t go unanswered.

The summit aims to focus on how the Goulburn-Murray region can continue to grasp the new economic opportunities as Australia moves to net zero by 2050 with bipartisan support.

The event has also attracted former premiership winning AFL Player, Jordan Roughhead who has studied the impact of consumerism on the environment, supports the Solar Sports Report and regularly writes publicly about stronger action on climate change.

“It’s great to have high profile people like Jordan take interest and it will be great to have him share his knowledge on how to create a more sustainable future for Nicholls,” he said.

Please note this event is invitation only with the guest list developed by community leaders and local organisations.

Media Contact:

Media Advisor Federal Member for Nicholls Sam Birrell
Morgan Dyer
0412 832 474