Advertising destructive water buybacks

Friday March 8     

Federal Member for Nicholls, Sam Birrell MP has slammed an advertisement authorised by the Australian Government attempting to justify the destructive water buybacks legislated by the Albanese Government.

Mr Birrell said the video advertisement, which is currently running in Nicholls, uses emotive language
and doomsday scenarios to attempt to justify the Labor Government’s plan to harm regional
communities through water buybacks as part of the new Murray Darling Basin Plan.

“This advertisement is simplistic, deluded, misleading, partisan and intends to justify the destruction
of agriculture in Australia,” Mr Birrell said.

“This advertising campaign smacks of a partisan political advertisement not the work of a body that
should be focused on science.

“It’s sad that an organisation that once did have some credibility is now conducting itself in this way,”
he said.

Mr Birrell said the advertisement is offensive to regional communities who will be impacted by water

“Labor’s new plan for water will increase costs for producers and manufacturers, impact jobs and the
economic prosperity of Murray Darling Basin communities,” Mr Birrell said.

“Murray Darling Basin communities grow fresh clean food for Australia and the world which drives
economic growth for our Nation.

“Instead of celebrating the regions, this Labor Government continues to make it harder for regional
and rural Australians to do what they do best,” he said.

Advertisement Transcript – The Murray–Darling rivers pump life through our nation.
To our farms, communities, and environment.
But water’s being overused. And the next drought is only a matter of time.
We have to make sure there’s enough water, otherwise the rivers may run dry.
If we don’t act, it could threaten our iconic Aussie plants and animals, our food supply, and affect
the drinking water of more than 3 million Australians.
Find out how the Australian Government’s plan will restore the Murray–Darling rivers.
Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra.

Full Video – The Murray–Darling Rivers resources – DCCEEW

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Media Advisor Federal Member for Nicholls Sam Birrell MP
Morgan Dyer